We believe in personal and professional independence.  We create high quality contemporary products with dedication and passion.  We do this in a responsible way, considering our society and the world we live in.  We make our own little contribution against the exploitation of human resources, we focus on quality and respect amongst all living beings to towards the planet we live on.

RESPONSABILIDAD Por la sociedad y por el mundo

Manufacturado en nuestras tierras

Zaiklin has an international culture, a fusion that emerged out of the need to create high quality cycling clothing and to manufacture it in our Basque homeland. We want to extend our products to the world, providing a unique style and a strong message. We keep abreast of the latest trends, we interpret them in our own way and provide a modern product using the latest materials and manufacturing technologies.

TRUE TO YOU was created for cyclists who give everything for what they love, it is for cyclists that respect themselves and their own path. It is for sporty people who respect others and nature. It is for people that love cycling and who are aware the most difficult path is often the most beautiful one.

EL CAMINO más difícil, muchas veces es el más bonito